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June 08, 2009
  For a long time, we believed that Primavera is far superior to Microsoft Project. With the extra modules and reports developed by Techno Management, we are confident to propose Microsoft EPM 2013 to our customers in an industry dominated by Primavera.

Samir Labib,
Construction Consultant, Kuwait
June 08, 2009
  A key success factor of the EPM implementation at CSC, is that we used project management professionals and not IT professionals. Techno Management is the right choice for this job.

Mahmoud El Kady
Systems Manager
Civil Service Committee, Kuwait
June 08, 2009
  Techno Management understands what project managers and executives are looking for. Their implementation of the EPM with the extra reports and modules turned Microsoft EPM to a powerful tool that is indispensible for any project management organization.

Amr Zahra
PMO Manager
Ministry of Finance, Egypt
June 08, 2009
  Thanks to Techno Management. You showed high degree of flexibility, professionalism and ownership.

Adham Shaher
Technology Process & Service Management
Mobinil, Egypt
June 08, 2009
  Techno Management has showed high degree of professionalism and commitment in managing projects on our behalf. They had the right caliber to successfully manage projects right from the beginning to the close out.

Ahmad Gamal
Manager, Electronic Banking, Gulf Area
NCR Corp, Kuwait
June 08, 2009
  Your team’s efforts & professionalism were a major factor behind both implementations’ success.
It’ll be a pleasure to see you again at KOC in the near future.

27 Jan 2009
Last week I passed the PMP exam, I owe you this achievement after . When I was studying, I was really memorizing all your words, your explanations, your analysis to all situations we discussed in the course. Thanks a lot Thanks

Reham Elgammal

Quality team leader, PMP
Itworx Egypt
18 May 2008
  I have successfully passed the PMP exam on 14th May.
Thank you for your classes (Almost 1 year ago). I revised your study material.

Leo George, PMP
Head of IT Projects
Internal Security Force – ISF
25 September 2008
  I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful training you have given us. Below are my contact details if there is anything I could do from my end to help you I would be happy to do the same. Have a great day.

Judith Abraham /span>
Finance Coordinator
Agility - Defense & Government Services
Sulaibiya, Kuwait
23 June 2008
  I hope this finds you well. Again I would like to take the opportunity to express my sincere thanks to you for your fantastic work in the recent engagement at KOC. Your professionalism was truly refreshing and the deliverables addressed and concluded the exact intent of the exercise.
As a result of this, I have convinced Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) that we should continue to engage Techno-Management for the next phase of the EPM engagement at KOC, being one of Microsoft’s trusted partners.
If Techno-Management is happy to re-engage, then please let me know at the earliest convenience so that we can start to plan the next phase and I can update you the feedback from your deliverables.

Nemir Shaker
IT Architecture & Planning (ITAP) Advisor
Microsoft Services
3 February 2008
  Please find attached the signoff document for the EPM project. EPM implementation session from Techno Management was really excellent. I especially like the way consultants provided their service, it was fitting to our environment especially towards the end of the project where we worked on off-days to complete unplanned ISF requirements. Also, it was a unique implementation where we implemented two authentication schemes on our server without any external web publishing tools which enabled us to securely include members from outside ISF.
On behalf of whole ISF team, I would like to thank Microsoft and Techno Management for providing us a fabulous service like this. We would be happy to work for more projects from Microsoft and Techno Management in future.

Leo George
Head of IT Projects
Internal Security Force - ISF
PO BOX 6799, Doha QATAR
15 March 2008
  First of all, I would like to thank you very much for your below congratulation and remark. Furthermore, I would like to thank you for the very exceptional course that you have given to us. I find it always useful to give a feedback on any course/service that anyone performs. Reference to the course “Project Management Professional (PMP) Prep Course” held in Cairo during the period between February 28 and March 4, 2008, organized by AMIDEAST and lectured by your good self, I would like to comment on the technicality of the course, materials and lecturer as follows: “The PMP Prep Course of AMIDEAST is an excellent course to prepare yourself first to understand what project management is all about, secondly to decrease the gap between the theory of the PMI Methodology and the real life in managing projects and finally to take the exam without being scared to fail. The course training methodology of using the PMP Exam Prep 3rd edition for the PMBOK Guide 2000 by Rita Mulcahy as a learning tool is an excellent manner to be very well prepared for the exam and to be prepared for the way that the question is being presented. It is a very enjoyable way how the course is attracting the participants to share their knowledge and experience by all kind of group work, games and exercises. These learning tools ware of a great help to understand things which you will never forget instead of just memorizing them by heart. The materials used for the course have went deep on the project management areas of knowledge, which made the course not only away of preparing you to take the PMP exam but also preparing you to use the PMI methodology and to be a successful project manager or project team member. The presentation handout is an excellent tool to use during the course as well as to review on the day before the exam. You would not find a better way to review the materials than this presentation handout! Mr. Mahmoud Arafa, lecturer of the course, was of a great help with his experience in project management, his method/approach of lecturing the course and at the top of that his techniques on controlling the classroom and the time in order to cover all knowledge areas that the course is covering within the time limit. At last, I am so proud that this course has made it workable for me to take the exam within 11 hours after finishing the course!! To conclude, I believe whither you are just want to pass the exam or you want to real understand what project management is all about and want to increase your efficiency in managing projects, PMP Prep Course of AMIDEAST is an excellent tool and can really assist in preparing for the real deal.” Honestly, the above words is not because I’m sending this e-mail to you, but it’s my opinion as a result of my limited experience in attending several courses, seminars, technical presentation, etc.

II wish you and AMIDEAST all the best and further development of your services.

Mohamed Abd El Azeem
Finance Manager /span>
Middle East Dredging Company

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