Job Analysis

Techno Management will work closely with The Customer to analyze the organization’s jobs and design them to achieve the organization’s objective and at the same time satisfies the needs of the employees who will do them. This service involves the following tasks:    Objectives

  • Determining the Job Requirements for every post in the organization, that will reflect the different duties, tasks, and responsibilities contained in jobs.
  • Producing the Job Description in a format that will contain a job title, a job identification section, and main duties and responsibilities section.
  • Producing the Job Specification in format that will contain, education, experience, specialized training technical skills, interpersonal skills and behavioral attributes necessary for job success.    Process

Job Analysis is a process of identifying, collecting and analyzing

  • The duties and responsibilities required for the job
  • The skills required to the job
  • The work environment required for the job
  • The education level required for the job
  • The selection criteria required for the job    Tools

The below PDF files will show in this section and will be opened upon clicking:

  • Job Analysis Questionnaire
  • Job Analysis Template
  • Job Description and Job Specifications Template