Performance Management

Business performance management encompasses all the processes, information, and systems used by managers to set strategy, develop plans, monitor execution, forecast performance, report results, and make decisions. In order to achieve this, Techno Management works with clients to build the organization’s performance management by:

  • Identify the Strategic Projects
  • Identify the Key Performance Indicators and Metrics
  • Assign initiatives to departments or individuals    Identify the Strategic Projects

In this step, Techno Management will work with clients to identify the strategic projects and link them to the organization strategy. This comprehensive, time consuming and debatable process is essential to ensure that all initiatives serve the organization’s strategy. This is an important process to stop any un-necessary pleading of time and efforts by using resources in projects that are not serving the organization strategic objectives.
During this process, clients will be able to identify their strategic project portfolio and identify project priorities. This will lead to better investment in the right projects to achieve the highest strategic value.    Identify the Key Performance Indicators and Metrics

In order to measure the performance of the strategic plan, Techno Management will work with clients to identify the KPI’s required to identify the compliance of the actual performance to the planned one. The measuring metrics will be also set to help measuring the objectives and how to correct deviations, if any. This can be displayed on customized dashboards.     Assign initiatives to departments or individuals

Once strategic projects and the KPI’s are identified, they are filtered down to the organization’s departments to build their own operational plan. Each department will have its own operational objectives filtered down also to sub-department, if any, and then to the individuals who will actually perform the tasks.